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Hi!! We have the latest 2022 Planner Stickers for you!!

This is a Surprise Planner Stickers Box - we handpicked randomly different designs of stickers, including the most popular Meatball planner stickers, and many other stickers designed by our local artists :)

We have 4 types of Surprise Planner Stickers Box for you - AUD27, AUD32, AUD40, AUD49.

AUD27 Box includes only all different designs of stickers, note pads.
AUD32 Box includes all different designs of stickers, note pads, stationery and a Planner.
AUD40 and AUD50 Box includes all different designs of stickers, note pads, stationert and also a Planner.


The higher the price, the more stickers :) However, please also note that certain stickers cost are higher, if you WISH for the higher costs stickers, definitely, it will be less quantity, hopefully everyone can understand, give and take :)

You are allowed to make ONE wish, for example, you can tell us that you want only stickers, do not want note pads, Or, only stickers and note pads, do not want Planner, Or, tell us to give more stickers and less note pads, or no stationeries etc. Only ONE wish is allowed.

Please write down your WISH (only one) when you place order. Otherwise, we will select randomly based on the Planner Stickers Box Pricing you have purchase :)



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