2D Sailormoon MINI BLOCK phone case | MINI BLOCK phone case | Lego phone case

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Each set comes with the following items:-

  • Bricks 
  • Instruction Print
  • Phone Case (hard casing in Black color)
  • Plastic Crowbar

*** These phone case models all are 2D sets.  Please note that the bricks are enough to build a 2D Mini Block if you buy 2D Set.  A 3D set needs more bricks.  If you think you want to do it base on your own creativity, you can buy extra bricks here

*** Please click here for 3D Sailormoon iPhone model casing sets

*** Please click here to buy the phone case if you do not find the models you need here

*** Please note that we have added some extra bricks for photo taking purpose which is not included in the Sets

We give some extra bricks in each set.  You can follow the Instruction Print or to do it your own way and be creative!



How to build 3D image on the phone case?

All you have to do is to build different layers to have 3D effect.


2D and 3D Effect






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