4cm clear tape | Clear tape for open bezel | 5M clear tape

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This is an improved version of clear tape for resin craft open bezel, which leaves no mark  and easy to remove from the cured resin pieces.

Measurement: 4cm width, 1 roll 5 meters

We have one single piece for 5*5cm if you do not need 1 roll of clear tape.  Please select to buy "Single Piece".


1.  Always remember to cure the bottom (with tapes on it) of the open bezel after curing the top of open bezel, to make sure the bottom is also cured properly.

2. Leave the open bezel in room temperature for some time before removing the clear tape from the finish piece as the UV resin releases heat during the curing process under UV light. After leaving the cured pieces for some time, you can remove the clear tape easily without a mark on the resin piece :)




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