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Head pins for jewelry making, connector, for making dangling or turn it into a bail.

Each packet: 5g

Head pin length: 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 26mm, 30mm and 35mm

Color: Gold, White Gold, Silver, Antique Brass and KC Gold

If you would like to know how many pcs in 5g 1 packet, below is for REFERENCE only.  We pack it based on 5g weight each packet for different sizes, not based on number of pcs in 1 packet. So each packet will have different number of pcs each time:-

  • 16mm size: about 70 pcs
  • 18mm size: about 65 pcs
  • 22mm size: about 50 pcs
  • 26mm size: about 45 pcs
  • 30mm size: about 40 pcs
  • 35mm size: about 30 pcs

There is no guarantee that you will get exactly the number of pcs as above in each packet.  It is just a guide to let you know roughly how many pcs you will get for a 5g packet for you to plan how many packets you need to buy :)

Note: Please also be informed that all jewelry findings are produced in bulk in factories, you may find some kinked eye pins or head pins in the packet. However, it does not affect its usage, all we need to do is to bend out the kinks by hand or with help of some tools. Here is a small tips for you to straighten the pins :)  Hope it helps.

We do not accept any request for refund or complaint about the number of pcs are not exactly as per the number of pcs as mentioned above or as per your previous purchase as well as the kinked headpins.




3-5 days to process your order before delivery.


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