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This is a Cosmic Galaxy Ball Resin Mould Set comes with Moulds, UV resin, Tools, and Accessories.

Watch the Full Tutorial on our YouTube Channel.

The set consists of:

25g upgraded UV resin x1
Ball mould x1
Bales mould x1
Galaxy swirl mould x1
Jump ring x10
Pearly white pigment powder x1
Purple pearl powder x1
Lake blue pearl powder x1
Bubble beads x1
Color beads x1
White color gel x1
Screw eye pin x1 pot
Necklace thread x1
Silver round key ring x1
Dropper x5
Tweezer x1
Wooden stirring stick x5
UV light torch x1
Disposable gloves x2
Round sand paper x1
Disposable resin mixing cup x10




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