Crystal Clear AB Resin | 2 parts resin | AB Epoxy resin

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This is 2 parts Crystal Clear AB resin, A : B = 2 : 1, air dry resin.  This resin is suitable for making resin piece with silicon molds, for making pressed flower resin piece, or making inserts specimens. It cures to a very clear resin piece, even for making one with 5-10cm thickness of resin piece.

Net content:

  • A: 100g, B: 50g
  • A: 200g, B: 100g (get a 15g Clear UV Resin, hard type for FREE)



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3-5 days to process your order before delivery.



If you order contains UV resin/liquid, we will ship via BPost as other small parcels courier cannot accept parcels with liquid.

You may find that the shipping charges is higher when you select to buy any of the UV resin / liquid as customs (locally or in your destination countries) are much stricter now when there is liquid in the parcels. In order to ship liquid from China to your countries, we will ship all orders with liquid via Bpost in order to get through the custom check easily :)



Please take note that orders with liquid will take a bit longer delivery time due to custom clearance in China and also in your destination countries.




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