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Japan made LITTRO is a compact sticky notes in a roll and covered with a cylinder plastic cover. It is designed in a size of standard pen-sized, which is very convenient to carry around. Great for memo, marking and labelling. With special treatment on the surfaces, you are able to write on these sticky notes with oil-based pen or pencil. It makes use of the brand's unique winding method with a small tool and know-how of sticky notes. It is delicately-designed with focusing on four main points: simplicity, compactness, ease to use, uniformity.


There are perforated lines along the stick note roll, allow you to get a very clean cut at equal intervals. These sticky notes can be pulled out at different sizes. You could tear off exactly as much or as little as you need. When you need a larger size sticky note, you can get it by having a clean cut after multiple sheets of sticky notes. The perforated lines are very fine and not visible.



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