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This is a Music Box Set, the set comes with UV resins, moulds, tools and accessories you need to make the music box.

If you need only the music box mould only , please click here

Click here for the windup or hand crank music box 

The Music box set consists of the following:

Please note that we have replaced the AB resin (100g each) with 2 bottles of 25g UV Resin as Post Office is not allowed to ship more than 100g/ml liquid in 1 parcel.

Music box mould x1
Matching acrylic flowers x5-7
Random music box x1
Round base for music box x1
Doll x1
25g UV resin x2
10g UV resin x1
Matching colored UV resin x1
UV light torch x1
100ml measuring cup x2
Wooden stirring stick x2
Disposable glove x2
Alcohol wipe x1 box
Mini screw driver x1






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