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A must have Shaker Mold!!! These are Handmade molds.

Look at how gorgeous the masterpiece prepared by our local buyers! ^_^  Please refer to the picture as a guide for how to use the Shaker Mold.

Each set comes in 2 molds, which you need to make 3 different resin pieces, the glue them together with Resin after filling it with glitters, confetti, rhinestones etc and the shaker oil (you can fill it with baby oil too or water). NOTE: Always remember to double check whether there is any gap between 2 pieces before you inject the liquid in to avoid leaking later. You can seal it with another later of resin all along the side.

If you need a Bigger size for Mold C, please click here.

Check out our Color Oil for Shaker Mold here.

Measurement: Please refer to the measurement in each photo for reference.



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