1.  Shipping Method

     Please refer under "Shipping" for more information.

2.  Do I have to sign up as member in order to place an order?

     Yes, joining as a member save time from providing the same information each time
     you place order. You can collect "Loyalty Points" as a member to earn Points and get cash
     discount, to receive the latest news about new arrivals and sales
promotion/discount.  You
    will also be entitled to all the members rewards that we introduce throughout the years.

3.  Delivery Time

     China EMS ePacket:

  • 7-15 working days: USA, Canada, Australia
  • 10-20 working days: Malaysia, Singapore, UK
  • 15-20 working days: Japan, NZ
  • 20-30 working days: Europe countries, Other Asia Countries

      Bpost (parcels with liquid):

  • 8-10 working days: US, Netherland, Denmark, UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy
  • 11-20 working days: US, Spain, Finland, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland,

      PostNL: 10-20 working days

      EMS: 7-9 working days

      DHL: 3-5 working days

4.  Why is my order out of stocks after I submit my order?

     Yes, it happens sometimes to popular items because we are also selling in China locally.
     We can only update the stocks system here after we get the stock status from China by
     end of the day.

     However, we will inform you if there is any of the item is out of order. You can replace it
     with other items or we can process a refund to you once we ship out your order.  Please
     check your emails frequently after placing an order so that you can response to us and
     help expedite the whole order process.  If you do not response to us within 24 hrs, we will
     proceed to finalise your order and process refund once we ship your order.

5.  Why we do not accept return/exchange of sold items

     We do all check when we receive our stocks and also before packing for delivery to
     customers, hence chances of defects product are near to zero.

     If you do receive a defect item, please take a photo immediately after you receive the
     parcel, contact us and send us the photo.

     We will investigate and process refund of the defect item cost (exclude shipping charges)
     to you.

6.  Do you compensate me if the parcel lost in delivery?

     Yes, in case of lost in delivery, we compensate shipping cost only. However, we will not
     compensate you if the tracking result shows that the parcel has been delivered and you
     claim that you do not receive it.
     Please click here for "Terms and Conditions for Shipping and Compensation" for more

7.  Do you compensate me if parcels are withheld by custom and returned back to

     We are sorry to tell that we do not compensate (both order amount and shipping cost)
     if your parcel is withheld by the custom or returned to us due to
your local custom issues. 
     We can reship your order if it is returned back to us. Shipping cost will be borne by you.
     Please click here for "Terms and Conditions for Shipping and Compensation" for more

8.  What should I do if I have given an incomplete/incorrect shipping address?

     If you find out that an incomplete/incorrect has been given to us, please contact us
     immediately at bjscraftandjewelry@gmail.com.  We will update the address immediately
     for you if your order has not been shipped. Otherwise, we will not be able to do anything
     if your order is shipped.
We do not compensate you if a wrong shipping address is given
     to us.  Please click here for "Terms and Conditions for Shipping and Compensation" for
     more information.

9.  How many days do you take to process my order till shipment?

     We usually take 3-5 days to process your order which including packing, submit to
     Finance Department for courier fee approval before shipment.  Once it is approved, your 
     parcel will be arranged for collection by courier company. Please allow us for at least extra
     2 more days to send out the shipping notification. During the sales promotion, we will take
     extra few days processing time due to huge number of orders.

10.  How much do I need to spend to get freebies?

       All orders come with some freebies, no min. order amount :)

11.  Would you be able to expedite my order if I need it urgently?

      We are sorry to tell that we do not accept URGENT orders. All orders processing time
      will take 3-5 days before shipment. You can select "EMS" shipping option to shorten the
      delivery time.

12.  Do you offer free shipping?

       Yes, we have free shipping for order amount (after discount, if any) above AU$250. 
       When your shopping cart total order amount is above AU$250, "Free Shipping" option
       will appear in the Shipping Method option, please click and select "Free Shipping" then
       proceed to checkout your shopping cart.

13.  Would you refund extra shipping costs?

      Yes, please allow us 1-2 days to process overcharged shipping cost (if any) after
      we sent out the Tracking Number to you.

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