Terms and Conditions


  1. Products /Item Description

    We have stated the weight, sizes, content, design, usage of the product in the item description which is to our best knowledge and advice given by the suppliers.  Measurement and weight as provided in the item description may have slight differences to actual products, especially for handmade items like handmade mould. 

    However, these measurement differences are acceptable differences between 1-2mm or 1-2cm which cannot be considered as "defect" product or "incorrect/misleading" information. 

    For items with the Option of, eg. Buy any 2, Buy any 4 colors etc, we have stated in the item description that we would select randomly for you without further notifying you if you do not leave us a note when you check out your shopping cart. In this case, it cannot be considered as "wrong order" or "wrong item" is sent to you, we will not accept any request for refund in such cases.

    So, we advise that you read carefully all the item description to make sure that it is what you need and acceptable to you. Please contact us if you have any doubt before you place your order.  Once order is placed and paid, we assumed that you have read and understand the item description and you are agreeable to the acceptable slight differences in measurement, weight and sizes of our products.

  2. Photography and Colour

    It is not uncommon that you will find the colors for actual products might have slight difference in color compared to the photos as displayed in the shop as well as what you have seen in your computer monitor.  Different computer displays colour differently, so the colour displayed in your monitor might be different to what we can see in our computer monitor Setting of computer screens to the brightness, colour or tint affects what colour we see in different computer monitors. We do not accept any request of refund/exchange of products due to color differences unless you want a green color and we send you a red color item, which is a totally different color item.

  3. Cancellation and refund of order/exchange of items before shipment

    Once order is placed, we do not accept any request to cancel and refund of your order or exchange to a different color, sizes or items in your order because all orders are submitted instantly to our warehouse automatically by the computer system in order to process the order as soon as possible.  Buyers can contact us and tell us your request, however, our decision is final whether or not we can fulfill your request.

  4. Defect Items/Wrong Orders

    We perform QC check for all products before packing.  If you believe that you have received a defect item or wrong order, please contact us immediately at bjscraftandjewelry@gmail.com by sending us the photos of the wrong items/defect items you have received

    Please note that sometimes there will be tiny flaws or minor imperfection, a not very clean and smooth surface for small items like charms, cabochons, jewelry findings (eye pin, jump rings etc) or raw edges for handmade moulds which can not considered as defect as long as it is not broken, and it can still perform the function which it is manufactured for, eg. a mould with raw edges can still perform it's function as the raw edges does not affect the moulding process.

    Compensation for defect items/wrong orders

    We will process refund for defect items costs or wrong items costs only excluding shipping costs.  We are sorry to tell that we do not compensate any defect item cost if you contact us after 48 hours.  We reserve the right not to compensate you if you do not inform us within 48 hours from the day order is delivered to you based on the tracking record. So, you are advised to check all the items on the same day when you receive it. 

  5. Damaged Items / Lost Parcels During Delivery Process

    Please read here for more information.

  6. Shipping Terms and Condition/Compensation

    Please read here for more information.

  7. Custom Duty & Taxes

    We do not charge any custom duty/fee and taxes.  Buyers are responsible for paying custom duties & taxes in your destination countries, if applicable.

We do not wish to have too many terms & conditions, however, we have to set it out to protect our interest for running a business while trying out best to satisfy buyers requests and provide the best service we can. These terms and conditions are set out based on our experience in running the business for years to avoid any dispute that may occur.  We do hope that buyers can understand that each business has its own policies to run the business.

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime if you have any question. First, tell us your doubt, clarify with us, we will try our best to assist you and cooperate with you.

Lastly, we do want that you should enjoy shopping online, have a pleasant shopping experience with us.

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