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$2.97 $3.30

100 pcs in 1 packet ball head pin.

Color: Gold, KC Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Bronze

Length 20mm-40mm, thickness 0.5mm
Length 50mm, thickness 0.6mm
Round ball head diameter about 1.8-2mm

Please also be informed that all jewelry findings are produced in bulk in factories, you may find some kinked eye pins or head pins in the packet. However, it does not affect its usage, all we need to do is to bend out the kinks by hand or with help of some tools.

Here is a small tips for you to straighten the pins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5mtwUrTJxM
:) Hope it helps.

Please do not request for refund or complaint, or give a bad review about bent/kinked eye pins. It comes in bulk from suppliers, if you want all perfect and straight eye pins, and you cannot accept some bent/kinked eye pins, pls do not place order.

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