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This is the non-toxic clear coloured UV Resin (Hard Type), it cures to Clear Coloured Finish.  You do not need to add colour pigment to this Coloured UV Resin.

Net Content: 25g

Colour Options: 10 Colours

~~~ Please leave us a note for the colours you want if you select to buy Any 3. Otherwise, we will select randomly for you without further notifying you ~~~



***** UV RESIN *****

As the name says, UV Resin, this type of resin can be cured/harden when exposed to UV (ultraviolet) ray, so it can be harden under UV sun light or artificial sources like a UV light torch or UV lamp for nail art. The stronger the UV ray, the shorter time it takes to cure/harden.

This resin is a bit thinner, clear, transparent UV hard type resin, which is best for making small charms with open bezels, or using molds. Unlike the 2-parts epoxy resin, you need to measure and mix Part A Resin and Part B Hardener accurately in order cure the resin. UV resin is easy to use and cure faster compared to 2-parts epoxy resin.


~ Do Not add too much of Resin Colorant, glitter, pigment color powder/pearl Ex into the Resin, as it will turn the Resin bit thicken and take very long time to cure (how to save your work? Seal it with a thin layer of UV Resin and put under UV light for at least 3 minutes again or use our "Super Gloss Sealer" to glaze it and leave it dry for 20-30 minutes before you touch it (Super Gloss Sealer -

~ Do Not try to save your UV resin consumption when making your craft by putting only a very thin layer into molds or open bezels. Too thin layer resin will shrink during the curing process. We advise the best is to make your resin craft at least 2-3mm thick.

~ Sometimes, you may find the dry flowers colors mixing into resin, that is because the dry flowers are not dried enough, it is not about the quality of UV resin.

~ Do Not leave your resin piece under UV light for too long time. Usually, our UV resin can be cured within 3 minutes time under UV light for a resin piece with 2-3mm thickness. Long exposure under UV light affects the clarity of the resin piece. Leave your resin piece for 2-3 minutes under UV light, remove it and leave it in room for 1 day, you will see the resin piece turns clearer later.

~ Do Not touch or remove your resin piece from molds immediately after curing under UV light, it will pick up finger prints/marks no matter which type of resin you are working on. Let it sit for another 1 -2 minutes before touching the surface.

~ You can use any lighter or hair dryer to get rid of the bubbles (our UV resin has less bubbles compared to others). We advise you to leave your resin piece for about 1 minute to settle, check again whether any bubble, remove it before putting it under UV light to cure. Remember not to put your hair dryer straight to the resin or too close to it if you use a hair dryer to get rid of bubbles. The best is get a bbq lighter.

***** RESIN ODOR *****

All types of resin have resin odor. Our UV resin has low odor, or we can say very light odor compared to other resin or epoxy resin. However, different individual has different tolerance/sensitivity to odor. The best thing about our UV resin is, the fully cured resin piece is totally ODORLESS!! ^_^



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