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Hi! This metal stamp can be used for stamping on cakes, buns, cookies, leather, papers. Please note that there are 2 types - bend/curved and straight handles. Both handles are made out of wood, one is wooden color and another one is black color. We give randomly based on whatever that is available in stock.

How to place order:

1. If you need only the stamp head, select the sizes in cm that you need, leave us a message via Etsy or fill in the number of image in "Personalizaion" when placing order

2. If you need whole set, please select the size of the stamp head in cm + bend/curved or straight handle, remember to let us know the number of image you need as mentioned in Item 1 above

3. If you need only the the handle, please select straight handle, or bend/curved handle only

For customization:
Please contact us via Etsy, send us the image, we will quote the custom made price for you.

You can send us a clear image to custom made the metal stamp head for you, the picture must be clear enough, can be from 3cm to 6cm for the longest measurements.



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3-5 days to process your order before delivery.

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