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Personalized dog tag with light reflection leather collar. Now you can engraved your contact no. on the dog tag so that whoever that have found your lost pets, they can contact you!!

XS and S size collars are paired with Size S tag
M to Xl size collars are paired with Size L tag

Please remember to leave us the below requirement in the comment box before check out your order so that we can proceed to process your order:-

1. Choose design on the tag, eg. Bone 1, Bone 5, Round 2, Round 4
2. Pet name
3. Date of birth
4. Male/female (optional)
5. Dog/Cat picture (eg. Dog3, Cat5)
6. Message (on the back of the tag) eg. Send me home, Call my mom, Call my dad (optional)
7. Your contact number (optional)

If you do not want to provide the info for Item 3, 4, 6 and 7, we can just leave them blank.




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3-5 days to process your order before delivery.

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