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The Olfa PRC-2. PRC-2 Perforation cutter with an 18mm stainless steel blade for making perforated lines.

This product is the perforation cutter with an 18mm Hi-carbon stainless steel knife. If you need rotary blade, please select to buy extra blade separately.

This perforation cutter with an 18mm blade that is most welcomed for frequent users of perforated cutting.

The cutter can be used for ticket-making and scrapbooking as well as to make fold lines in cardboard, also can be used as top sheet cutter.

The PRC-2 comes standard with a perforation knife. This product is excellent for example making perforation edges in coupons or cards.

Suitable for both left and right-hand use.

PRC-2 handle can fit 2 types of rotary blade - RB18 or PRB18 Blade




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