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Imported Padico UV-LED Resin from Japan. This resin can be cured under both UV and LED light! Non-toxic. Waterproof after curing.

After cure shrinkage: about 6%

Curing time (will be affected by weather, size of your finish) :-

* LED light (365nm or 405nm, 6W) - 30-90 seconds
* Bright sunny day - 30-90 seconds
* UV light (36W) - 2-4 minutes

Storage of your UV LED resin at 0 - 25 °C, avoid storing the resin at places exposed to direct sunlight. During winter when the temperature is low and cold, the resin tends to become thicker, more bubble. You can put the UV resin bottle inside a plastic bag, soak it at water with 80 °C for 10 minutes before using it.



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