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Original PUCKY Pool Babies Blind Box are here!!



Please send us the photo of the Secret Chase Figures and write a review here or you can tag us on Instagram, if you are LUCKY to draw the Secret Chase Figures, you will get a Secret Discount Code for your next purchase of Blind Box

- AU$2 discount for buying Single/any quantity

- AU$5 discount for buying full set  


What is Blind Box?

It is a uniform packing of a series of figures in a box which is sealed and we do not know which toy is inside the packing and we do not know what we are receiving.  The toy/figure is typically from a pop culture series ranging from movies to comics to animation, and some blind box items are from an artist wanting to feature their work.  It usually has at least one "Secret Chase Figures" (a rare special design) in a series.  

Rules of Blind Box Games

You have 2 options - You can select to buy Single Box  or to buy 1 full set.

Single Box - Add the quantity you need to the shopping cart.  We randomly select the quantity you want as we do not know which design of figures in the box.  All packaging are uniform.

Buy 1 set - You will get 1 full set. For example, 1 set has 12 boxes, you will get all 12 boxes with either all the designs for full set OR, you will get 11 boxes + 1 Secret Chase figures.  We will never know what you will get as we do not open the boxes.

That's the thrill of Blind Box Games!! No refund, No exchange, No returns of blind box are acceptable for any reason receiving the design you do not want, you do not like it, or getting the repeating design because it is BLIND box!! Neither you nor us know what is it inside the box!! Please adhere to the Blind Box Games Rules if you want to have fun!!  

Good Luck! :)



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